Chapter 89: Origin Beast Awakening

Chapter 89: Origin Beast Awakening

A shockingly powerful and thick wave of energy began to undulate from Gu Qingluo’s body.

Gu Qingluo, who had originally been lying flat on her back, began to float in the air.

Blazingly intense energy radiated from her body, causing the nearby temperature to climb to unbearabe heights. The servants within the room all gradually became unable to withstand the heat and backed out of the room. Only Su Chen and Gu Yaoye remained in the room. Gu Qingluo’s garments fluttered everywhere as the energy poured out from her body, as if she was a willow tree standing at the edge of a cliff.

“Really, she really…… awakened,” Gu Yaoye said, trembling.

No one was clearer than him that the current Gu Qingluo had awakened her bloodline.

Her Origin Beast Bloodline had awakened!

He stared at Su Chen. “How...

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