Chapter 88: Poisoned

Chapter 88: Poisoned

A fiery red bead appeared. It had been sitting still for quite a while, so the outer surface of the bead had dimmed slightly. However, the fiery energy inside hadn’t weakened at all. The violent fire energy within could be felt even through the surface of the bead.

The flames seethed within the bead like lava, and Su Chen could feel the intense heat radiating outwards.

Fire Origin Substance!

It really was Fire Origin Substance!

Su Chen’s eyes lit up.

“This is a core of a Molten Rock Demon. I obtained it in a battle two hundred years ago while defending the city against Demonic Beasts. Because my bloodline is not related to fire, I never used it and have been looking for an opportunity to use it in a trade. I never expected at the time that it would take so long.”

Su Chen was extremely delighted. “Many thanks, Ancestor!”

He was just about to take it when Gu Yaoye suddenly withdrew his hand. “I didn’t say that...

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