Chapter 85: The Correct Decision

Chapter 85: The Correct Decision

Good kid!

As soon as Zhou Qingkuang heard these words, he felt his heart tremble. The battle had more than likely been lost.

Gu Xuanmian said slowly, “I know that you’re not satisfied with this outcome, but consider what he did when the Beast Race attacked the city. Without him, Swallow River City probably would’ve fallen to the Beast Race’s onslaught, and we might not even be here having this conversation. It was Su Chen who saved Swallow River City, helped the Gu Clan’s ancestor, helped me, and saved all of the citizens in Swallow River City. Where were you when he was risking his life to save others?”

“I......” Zhou Qingkuang was immediately at a loss for words.

When the Beast Race had attacked the city, most of the Origin Qi Scholars had set out to protect the city. However, most did not mean all.

There were always a few people who shirked their responsibilities and betrayed the hopes of the ...

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