Chapter 84: Su Chen is a Good Kid

Chapter 84: Su Chen is a Good Kid

Su Chen woke up two days later.

When he opened his eyes, he discovered that he was lying on a bed crafted from redwood. A soft, muslin canopy was draped across the bed, and the room was filled with the smell of a light incense. This incense, along with the pink bedding and the bejeweled mirror in the room, clearly indicated that he was in a girl’s room.

He gingerly sat up, trying to remember what had happened, but no matter how hard he thought, he could not recall anything after he had passed out. All he remembered was that he seemed to have passed out in Gu Qingluo’s embrace.

“Qingluo!” When he thought of Gu Qingluo, Su Chen involuntarily cried out.

This sound reached outside the room, and a person rushed into the room and stared at Su Chen, joy appearing in their eyes. It was precisely Gu Qingluo.

She immediately leapt into Su Chen’s embrace. “You’re finally awake!”

“I’m fine!...

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