Chapter 83: Demonic Calamity (7)

Chapter 83: Demonic Calamity (7)

The moment the blade strike surged forward, everyone suddenly saw the sky lighten up quite a bit.

It was like an arc of lightning, shining harshly against the backdrop of a dark night sky.

Then, a wave of red began to spread like ink across the sky.

The nearby spectators watched as a human figure appeared amidst the horde of beasts and began wreaking havoc, swinging a massive blade back and forth. Razor-sharp waves of compressed energy swept through the horde of beasts, eliciting enraged howls as the battle raged.

After all the Light Shaking Realm and higher level cultivators rose to the skies to fight with the Demonic King and Demonic Lord, the highest ranking cultivators in the city naturally became that of the Yang Opening Realm.

Even so, they could only watch as someone who seemed as powerful as a Light Shaking Realm cultivator unleashed a bloody onslaught against the...

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