Chapter 82: Demonic Calamity (6)

Chapter 82: Demonic Calamity (6)

On that day, the citizens of Swallow River City saw the most courageous thing they had ever seen — a Cloud Piercing shuttle flying through the air as a large horde of beasts trailed behind.

They were howling and frothing at the mouth as they chased the shuttle in a mindless frenzy.

They had gathered into a mob as they all charged at that shuttle, as if it were some kind of delicacy. They had given up on all other targets.

And behind the beast horde were a large number of Origin Qi Scholars chasing them and attacking wantonly.

The sounds of battle and thunderous explosions rang throughout the air, accompanying the drumming beat of hordes of beasts charging across the surface of the ground.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle very quickly reached the outskirts of Swallow River City. He couldn’t fly too high or too quickly.

If he flew too high, the beasts...

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