Chapter 81: Demonic Calamity (5)

Chapter 81: Demonic Calamity (5)

The king’s cry pierced into the heavens.

Even though the Demonic Beasts that lived within the confines of human territory had never seen their king before, all of their bloodlines contained a latent instinct that forced them to acquiesce.

They howled; they yelped; they rampaged.

Beasts began to emerge from everywhere, converging towards the origin of the call.

There were massive, three-headed birds that could generate hurricanes with a flap of their wings. There were massive turtles with steel-like tails and another head at its very tip. There were spiders that crawled at lightning speed across the ground with human-like upper bodies — both male and female, and even male and female combined. Yet another was

a massive tree with flailing limbs and branches. Seven or eight corpses still swung from the branches, obviously drained empty. Despite that, those corpses were squirming...

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