Chapter 80: Demonic Calamity (4)

Chapter 80: Demonic Calamity (4)

Ever since he had been set up by Wang Zhanyu so many years ago, Su Chen always kept a lot of medicine on him. And ever since he had been ambushed by the two Light Shaking Realm Sand Race cultivators in Mountain Overlook City, the quality of the medicine that Su Chen kept on him had also gone up.

If Su Chen were to use the medicine he had prepared on himself, he could probably multiply his strength by three times. On Gu Yaoye, however, it could only raise his strength by 20%, though this did not mean that Su Chen’s strength was 15% that of Gu Yaoye.

Even so, this 20% increase was extremely timely.

The current battle was at a critical moment. A 20% increase in strength would at least double the amount of time that they could hold on for.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The four Spirit Burning Realm cultivators attacked...

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