Chapter 79: Demonic Calamity (3)

Chapter 79: Demonic Calamity (3)

As soon as the words left Su Chen’s mouth, the color of the sky suddenly changed.

An azure streak of light flashed across the sky, charging over from somewhere far off in the distance. It leapt straight at Gu Yaoye, the ancestor of the Gu Clan.

If it weren’t for Su Chen’s warning cry, this attack would have probably seriously injured Gu Yaoye.

However, Gu Yaoye reacted as soon as Su Chen’s voice reached his ears, his body suddenly turning transparent as if it had melted into thin air. He blended into the darkness and became nearly indiscernible from the night sky.

The azure light shot over and slammed into Gu Yaoye. However, it was as if the blow had landed in water. Ripples burst forth from the point of impact, passing through the transparent body. Gu Yaoye was still Gu Yaoye, and hadn’t been injured...

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