Chapter 78: Demonic Calamity (2)

Chapter 78: Demonic Calamity (2)

As soon as the web of lightning appeared, Su Chen knew that they were in trouble.

This Lightning Serpent had actually reached the level of a Demonic King.

From the many years of experience accumulated by humans fighting Demonic Beasts, a high-tier Demonic Beast had been determined to be roughly equivalent in power to a Light Shaking Realm cultivator with five Lotus Platforms. A Demonic Lord was roughly equivalent to a Spirit Burning Realm cultivator, Demonic King equivalent to a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator, and a Demonic Emperor equivalent to an Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivator. That was also the highest cultivation level that any human had reached up till now. As for the stronger Desolate Beasts? Unfortunately, no human could take one of them on single-handedly.

The few victories where humans had defeated these Desolate Beasts were all because entire kingdoms had been mobilized, and even then it was only successful through...

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