Chapter 77: Demonic Calamity (1)

Chapter 77: Demonic Calamity (1)

As per usual, Su Chen performed his experiments as he continued to guide Iron Cliff’s cultivation - ever since dividing responsibility over the Flight Network, the pressure on Su Chen had greatly decreased.

Iron Cliff was cultivating the True Spirit Sculpture. After developing the Theurgy Arts, Su Chen realized the importance of consciousness power. Not only did he spend more time on personally cultivating his consciousness power, even Iron Cliff was dragged into it.

However, to the Cliff Race, cultivating consciousness power was extremely difficult.

As he practiced, Iron Cliff’s eyelids began to droop before he began to snore rhythmically.

“Sizzle!” A coil of flames descended on Iron Cliff’s skin and sizzled as it burned. The pain immediately jolted Iron Cliff awake, and he hurriedly resumed his cultivation. The area that had been burned away...

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