Chapter 75: Theurgical Art

Chapter 75: Theurgical Art

Back in the same familiar room.

Su Chen carefully tilted the test tube sideways and poured out a single drop of blood onto a crystal chip. He then brought it close to his eyes to carefully inspect it.

Next, he placed the crystal chip into a pre-prepared flask and infused it with Origin Energy.

As his Origin Energy surged into the flask, the liquid began to boil.

This was a special concoction of Su Chen’s unique design. It could activate Origin Substances and excite them, making it easier for Su Chen to observe.

Underneath the stare of his microscopic eye, the Scarlet-Eyed Demon King Bloodline’s secrets were pried wide open.

Three hours later, Su Chen emerged from his research lab. Now, no one understood the secrets of the Scarlet-Eyed Demon King’s Bloodline better than him.

The next step was to figure out a way to replicate this incredible speed as part of...

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