Chapter 74: Engagement On Hold

Chapter 74: Engagement On Hold

“Spare him!”

Upon hearing this voice speak, the five Shadow Servants all flew into motion. Three of them immediately hid themselves, while the other two placed their blades near Zhou Qingkuang’s neck and midsection, demonstrating their impeccable coordination.

A person descended from the sky. It was Gu Xuanmian.

“Uncle, save me!” Zhou Qingkuang howled when he saw Gu Xuanmian appear.

Gu Xuanmian shot him a glance and frowned slightly before turning to Long Shaoyou and saying, “Prince Long, would you be willing to spare this man on my behalf?”

Long Shaoyou chuckled. “Patriarch Gu, are you going to ask me to pardon him without first looking into what happened?”

Gu Xuanmian replied, “I don’t need to ask. I already know what the situation is. Qingkuang was wrong in this matter, and I apologize to you on his ...

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