Chapter 73: Spare Him

Chapter 73: Spare Him

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Streaks of light flew through the air.

The blade strikes were filled with an chilly energy that gave them quite a bit of penetrative power.

Miao Changqing was accidentally hit by one of the blade strikes. Three percent of the energy penetrated his barrier and slammed into him. Even though it couldn’t get through his Source-Returning Armor, it still gave him quite a surprise.

These people weren’t simple!

Their attacks only seemed so-so, but what was that strange glow emanating from their bodies? Why did it give them seemingly exceptional power? Even Miao Changqing felt surprised and a hint of fear.

When faced with these kinds of circumstances, Miao Changqing knew that he was probably going to lose if he held back any longer.

As such, he drew his blade.

The General-Beheading Night Blade.

The General-Beheading Night Blade was an...

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