Chapter 71: Provocation

Chapter 71: Provocation

“Swallow River City,” Zhou Qingkuang muttered to himself as he gazed at the three characters hanging atop the main gate.

He had finally arrived.

From the moment he had decided to go to Swallow River City until now, it had taken him nearly half a year. Countless complications had come up one after another to the point that even Zhou Qingkuang felt mentally and physically exhausted. He couldn't help but wonder if he and Gu Qingluo were simply fated to be apart.

Thankfully, he had finally arrived.

But since he was here, that thought disappeared as quickly as it came.

After half an hour, Zhou Qingkuang found himself sitting in the Gu Clan's guest hall. Above him was the Gu Clan's Patriarch, Gu Xuanmian.

Gu Xuanmian held a teacup in his hand as he said, “This trip must have been quite difficult for you. Was your journey here peaceful?”

“Yes, Uncle. Everything went well. I also brought a present from my father as a show of respect.”

As he spoke,...

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