Chapter 70: Obstruction

Chapter 70: Obstruction

“So are you saying that Mother isn’t seriously ill at all; she was just misdiagnosed by all those quacks?” Zhou Qingkuang said with a tight-lipped expression.

“Mottled Vermilion Rash and Werewolf Splotches share very similar symptoms. It’s not surprising that the doctors made a wrong diagnosis,” replied Miao Changqing replied.

“But this mistake cost me a lot this time,” Zhou Qingkuang said angrily. “Send word that those doctors who misdiagnosed Mother are to be captured and beaten thoroughly for me. If you don’t have the ability to discern correctly, don’t be a doctor.”

Miao Changqing was stunned. “Young Master, those are the best doctors in all of Crane City.”

“So what?” Zhou Qingkuang tilted his head back arrogantly. “If they do a bad job, they should be punished for it. Is that not right?”

“......Yes, sir!” Miao...

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