Chapter 69: Investment

Chapter 69: Investment

Gu Xuanchao dispensed with courtesy for the sake of time. He continued, saying, “A large Cloud-Piercing Shuttle costs at least ten million Origin Stones and can fit a thousand people at most. Every time you operate it, you’ll need to spend tens of thousands of Origin Stones. The cost of operation is high, the risks great, and the profits are limited. I wonder how Brother Su is planning on resolving these problems?”

Su Chen replied, “I wasn’t planning on using a large Cloud-Piercing Shuttle in the first place.”

“You’re not planning on using a large Cloud-Piercing Shuttle?” Gu Xuanchao was stunned. “Then what are you planning to use?”

“Cloud-Soaring Dragon Boats,” Su Chen replied.

Gu Xuanchao was taken aback. “Even though Cloud-Soaring Dragon Boats are cheaper and cost less to operate, you need at least two hundred people to drive them. The cost is still too high, and the speed is even slower...

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