Chapter 68: Contact (2)

Chapter 68: Contact (2)

Gu Xuanchao viewed Su Chen quite favorably, but that was merely his first impression.

However, this first impression had gradually grown into familiarity.

Gu Xuanchao discovered that, no matter where he went, he couldn’t escape from Su Chen’s influence.

Where he ate breakfast, where he listened to operas, where he ate lunch and dinner, where he bathed and the brothels he frequented - any establishment Gu Xuanchao liked to go, Su Chen owned.

At this point in time, not getting to know this Prince Su seemed impossible.

No one knew when Su Chen would appear in which store of his.

As a result, the two of them gradually got to know each other more as time went on.

One day, Gu Xuanchao finished his dinner and then went to the Jade Feathered Palace as per usual.

The Jade...

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