Chapter 67: Contact (1)

Chapter 67: Contact (1)

Gu Xuanchao loved going to the Red Door Tower in the morning to have a bowl of Truffle Porridge paired with a Thousand-Layer Pastry made by Jiang Min and his wife. He felt like this was pretty much the best part of his life.

After breakfast, he would usually go to the Hundred Songbirds Courtyard to listen to some music. For lunch, he would eat at some restaurant; he would take a bath in the afternoon, and then in the evening he would go to the Flying Smoke Pavilion or the Fragrant Elegance Boudoir to find a few girls that pleased his eyes. Occasionally, he would also spend some time at the casinos. He didn’t care about whether he won or not; he just wanted some excitement.

Gu Xuanchao was a Light Shaking Realm cultivator. His Demonic Lord Bloodline had reached the limit, as any higher and he would reach the Spirit Burning Realm. This was an inevitability of being in a higher...

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