Chapter 66: Peerlessly Heroic

Chapter 66: Peerlessly Heroic

The Lin Clan had sold their main courtyard.

News of this quickly spread throughout Swallow River City's main streets and small alleyways.

The Lin Clan wasn't without a reputation in Swallow River City. They had three residences in this city alone. The one they had sold was near the outskirts of the city and was the largest one they owned. Apparently, the Lin Clan's patriarch really liked it and would go over to live there from time to time.

Why had they suddenly sold it?

No one had heard of any news lately of the Lin Clan had suffering any kinds of losses?

Very quickly, some of the busybodies caught wind of rumors.

It wasn't that the Lin Clan had suffered some losses — it was that the person who wanted to buy the residence had offered too much money. Even the Lin Clan couldn't resist the temptation.

150,000 taels of pure gold!

150,000 tales of pure gold! This was not a small number. It was about twice the actual value of the residence....

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