Chapter 65: Deployment

Chapter 65: Deployment

Clear River City.

Within the Su Residence.

Mingshu sat lazily in the main courtyard and yawned, “I’m so bored.”

“If you’re bored, then come and train. Look, you’ve gotten fat from your laziness,” said Zhou Hong as he diligently swung a set of stone barbells through the air.

“I don’t have any energy and I don’t want to train,” Mingshu replied.

Zhou Hong harrumphed. “There’s so many people in the world that would love to train and study here but don’t get the opportunity. You, on the other hand, are just sitting here slacking off.”

“Young Master’s not here anyways. What’s the point in working so hard?” Mingshu muttered.

“It’s not like the Young Master isn’t going to come back once he leaves. This place is still his home. He will return sooner or later. Once he returns and tests your strength, only to find that you’re still at the early stages of the Blood Boiling Realm, he’ll definitely punish you by...

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