Chapter 59: Surprise Attack

Chapter 59: Surprise Attack

Zhu Xianyao was incredibly happy as they walked down the busy street.

The current her was like an innocent little girl. Even though this woman could be quite scary when she was enraged, you still couldn’t help but take a few extra glances at her. There were even a few masochists who would willingly allow her to step all over them.

Because of this, Su Chen, as the man by Zhu Xianyao’s side, was subjected to countless infuriated gazes.

When faced with this kind of circumstance, with Zhu Xianyao was still going on her merry way, Su Chen could only shake his head helplessly.

He had a feeling that if this were to continue, something was bound to happen sooner or later.

He could only jinx himself with the bad omens.

And indeed, it happened extremely quickly.

A group of people stepped out in front of them, forcing the two to stop in place.

A dandy popped out of nowhere and leered at Zhu Xianyao as he said to...

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