Chapter 55: An Extraordinary Origin Substance

Chapter 55: An Extraordinary Origin Substance

The battle had concluded by sunset.

In the end, the Sand Race contingent had been completely routed.

The Sand Race group hadn’t been able to gain an advantage with their peak-strength cultivators, and they had lost horrifically in regards to their Yang Opening Realm cultivators. One of the reasons for this was that the Zhu Clan’s Demonic Emperor Bloodline was truly something special. Zhao Jingwen and Ba Lieyuan were elites that had been chosen out of thousands of contenders. Iron Cliff had also displayed his shockingly overbearing combat strength. The other reason was that Su Chen’s medicine was quite effective and not only increased their strength but also made them unafraid of receiving wounds. Their endurance in battle was even greatly increased.

In the end, the Sand Race’s entire army had been wiped out, while the Zhu Clan and Immortal Temple had only paid a very small price.

One more of the three Light Shaking Realm cultivators had died.

And that one had actually died at the hands of Su Chen.

The Sand Race individual...

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