Chapter 54: Recovery

Chapter 54: Recovery

The troop of large-crowned flying snakes didn’t reappear after being eliminated.

However, Shi Mingfeng still urged the procession to advance quickly and leave the Lonely Swan Rampart as soon as possible.

On the sixth day after leaving Castle Garrison, a billowing cloud of sand appeared in the distance once again.

Shi MIngfeng and Zhu Baiyu flew into the air to take a look, and then came down and said, “They’ve chased us all the way here. This time it’s a large group of them, and Pall is with them as well.”

“How many soldiers are there?” Su Chen asked.

“Around three thousand or so.”

“That’s quite a large number! It seems like we’re in for another fierce battle,” Ba Lieyuan sighed.

“That might not necessarily be true,” Su Chen said.

Hm? What does that mean?

Everyone stared at Su Chen simultaneously.

Su Chen looked up at the sky.

He said, “Brother Shi, in a little bit, can you create some wind and have it blow in their dire...

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