Chapter 53: Experiments

Chapter 53: Experiments

The newly fixed and improved carriage had become much more stable. Even a cup filled to the brim with water wouldn’t spill a single drop.

Sark lay on a research workbench. When he woke up, he discovered that his body was covered in a layer of white cloth.

Someone was standing right next to him: Su Chen. He was holding a small scalpel in his hand, with all his attention focused on Sark’s midsection as he seemed to be doing something.

Sark wanted to lift his head and see what Su Chen was doing to him, but he soon realized that he couldn’t move at all.

He had no energy left in his body and found it difficult to move even a finger, let alone gather any Origin Energy.

“You’re awake?” Su Chen turned around to glance at him, nonchalantly holding a red strip of meat in his left hand that made a smacking sound as he tossed it onto a...

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