Chapter 52: Flying Snake (2)

Chapter 52: Flying Snake (2)

Within the sky, a blade with wings swam through the air, soaring back and forth through the air. Everywhere it went, blood sprayed everywhere.

One of the Sand Race’s heroes slashed their scimitar at the blade. But the flying blade suddenly jerked in the opposite direction, not only dodging the scimitar strike but also expanding at the same to,e. It penetrated right through the Sand Race hero as well as the flying snake’s body. The flying snake screeched as it tumbled to the ground.

The blade then arced through the air as it suddenly changed directions. After dodging a few attacks, blade momentum began to surge from its body.


The radiating wave of momentum swept past three Sand Race soldiers at the same time, instantaneously cutting them into six pieces.

The Mountain-Beheading Blade seemed to screech with delight. It made a u-turn in midair again and continued unleashing streaks of blade light.

The streaks of blade light seemed...

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