Chapter 50: Soul Armament

Chapter 50: Soul Armament

After Night Demon fell through the floor, the procession stopped in the wilderness as per usual.

Within the stone room, Su Chen began his experiments — Night Demon wanted to sleep there again, but she was quickly chased out by Su Chen. He needed to do something important this time and couldn’t afford to let Night Demon bug him like before.

Today’s experiment was going to be different than normal. Su Chen pulled out the stone tablet.

Patelocke’s expression was a bit anxious. “Are you sure this will succeed?”

“It should,” Su Chen replied. “It’s not really an experiment, and more so making a small change.”

“But this small change is related to my survival! If you fail, I’ll be done for!” Patelocke said agitatedly.

Su Chen shrugged his shoulders. “Truthfully speaking, that isn’t an outcome that I can’t accept.”


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