Chapter 49: Rival

Chapter 49: Rival

Without delaying anymore, the discussions concluded and everyone immediately set off.

But before they left, Su Chen didn’t forget to pick up Sark and bring him along.

The Zhu Clan was much less used to Su Chen’s obsession with research than the Immortal Temple. Zhu Xianyao asked, “What are you bringing him along for?”

Su Chen simply replied, “Experiments.”

Zhu Xianyao stared at Su Chen silently, somewhat in a daze.

She just couldn’t quite pinpoint where this sense of déjà vu was coming from.

It was like a word on the tip of her tongue that she just couldn’t remember.

Was Su Chen’s crazy obsession with research a part of the memories that she had lost?

She didn’t know, but the more she tried to avoid thinking about it, the more she did so.

Zhu Xianyao also didn’t understand...

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