Chapter 46: Illusion Crystal

Chapter 46: Illusion Crystal

After a long time, Zhu Xianyao was the first to speak. “Su Chen, it’s you, right?”

Su Chen didn’t reply. He glanced at He Xu.

He Xu gestured helplessly. “I didn’t do it on purpose.”

These words were equivalent to a confession.

Su Chen sighed gently.

There was no point in continuing to pretend at this point.

Su Chen didn’t say any more. His appearance gradually began to morph until he reverted to his original appearance.

When she saw the familiar face appear in front of her, Zhu Xianyao was completely enraged.

“It’s really you! It’s really you!”


Heavenly Fox Finger.

She went straight for the jugular, starting out with a killing blow almost immediately.

Su Chen, however, was not surprised. He disappeared and reappeared behind Zhu Xianyao,...

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