Chapter 44: Fighting Against Light Shaking (2)

Chapter 44: Fighting Against Light Shaking (2)

This blade strike surged forward, carrying with it nearly all of Su Chen’s power as he attempted to reap Sark’s life.

Just as that blade was about to land, Sark’s body suddenly began to glow with an intense golden light.

Upon seeing this golden light, Su Chen knew he was in trouble.

Indeed, that golden light immediately froze Su Chen’s frighteningly powerful blade strike in place, stopping it in its tracks and preventing it from even touching Sark’s body. No matter how much strength Su Chen applied, he was unable to break through.

An extremely powerful Origin Energy barrier.

It was probably an extremely precious consumable Origin Tool because Su Chen could almost hear the sound of something shattering in the background.

Even so, he wasn’t satisfied. His goal with this blade strike wasn’t to destroy an Origin Tool but instead to claim Sark’s life.

Under the all-out force from Su Chen, the golden barrier of light groaned with a harsh metallic screech....

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