Chapter 43: Fighting Against Light Shaking (1)

Chapter 43: Fighting Against Light Shaking (1)


The streak of blade light surged forward, carrying with it a faint carmine glow.

Even though this glow wasn’t particularly flashy, its surface carried with it a deathly aura.

When Sark saw this blade strike approaching, his gaze grew focused.

How powerful!

How fierce!

How devastating!

Who was this guy? How could he unleash such a forceful blade strike?

Sark didn’t have any time to ponder over these questions, however, and instinctively raised a wall of sand in front of himself.

The Sand Race were inherently proficient in using earth-type Origin Energy and controlling sand through their Origin Skills, so naturally many of their techniques involved the use of sand. Sark was no exception — the first move he used was the Yellow Sand Shield.

This wall of sand appeared unassuming but it immediately expanded, carrying with it an immense stopping power.

The wall of sand wasn’t intended...

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