Chapter 42: I Don’t Like It!

Chapter 42: I Don’t Like It!

As the voice spoke, a figure emerged from the darkness.

Eagle Eye Sark.

“It’s you?” Su Chen’s gaze trembled slightly.

“Yes, it’s me!” Sark glared coldly at Su Chen. “You killed my younger brother, so I’m here for my revenge. Is that so strange?”

“Your younger brother?” Su Chen was stunned.

“You don’t know?” Sark was clearly a bit surprised as well before he said, “Culler is my younger brother.”

Su Chen was enlightened. “So he was your younger brother. But how do you know I’m the one who killed him......”

Su Chen suddenly paused and turned to look at Zhu Xianyao in disbelief. “You!?”

“Yes, it was me,” Zhu Xianyao said with a slight smile. “I was the one who told him that you killed his younger brother, and I was also the one who told him that you were here.”

Su Chen’s gaze retracted slightly. “Why would you...

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