Chapter 40: Physical Illusion Realm (1)

Chapter 40: Physical Illusion Realm (1)

Su Chen hadn’t lied. If Shi Mingfeng could only choose a single person to enter the secret stores alone and retrieve what was inside, he would choose Su Chen as he trusted him the most.

It wasn’t because of Su Chen’s character but rather because the two of them were seeking two totally different things.

The Immortal Temple wanted the treasures themselves: precious Origin Tools, rare resources, exceptional cultivation techniques — anything that had value.

Su Chen, on the other hand, only wanted one thing: knowledge.

He was not lacking in money. A few billion Origin Stones were in his hands; even after spending them quite extravagantly, he still had around 1.2 billion Origin Stones left.

Su Chen would be able to buy any treasure as long as a price tag could be put on it. No one had as much...

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