Chapter 39: Collision

Chapter 39: Collision


Pall’s face revealed a trace of impatience as he crushed the glazed clay bowl that just would not shut up. “I’m getting tired of these unkillable bastards. Where is the thing I want?”

“They should be right ahead,” Eagle Eye Salk replied.

A small vortex of sand spun through the air, turning into a golden arrow that pointed straight forward.

If it weren’t for the fact that all kinds of strange objects were jumping out from time to time and stopping them from advancing, perhaps they would have already arrived.

“Then hurry up!” Pall strode forward with large steps.

A candle suddenly jumped out of nowhere. “Don’t think about taking away anything in here!”

Pall rolled his eyes. “Oh, dammit all. You were my favorite silver candle; are you also going to oppose me?”

The silver candle wiggled...

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