Chapter 38: Negotiations (2)

Chapter 38: Negotiations (2)

Allying with the Zhu Clan to deal with the Sand Race wasn’t something that Su Chen had come up with on a whim. He had planned for this a long time ago.

From the very beginning, Su Chen was suspicious of whether the Zhu Clan had successfully tricked Pall. This was easy to determine after examining Culler’s reactions and decision-making abilities; he had been way too easy to trick.

If Pall trusted him to keep watch over the castle while he was gone, then Su Chen didn’t believe that Culler would be a person who was all brawn and no brain. The only reason he would act like that was if he had been purposefully instructed to act like an idiot.

This also meant that Pall was likely close by.

However, according to Su Chen’s initial plan, the Immortal Temple would wait to make a move after Pall appeared. The Zhu Clan would fight with Pall...

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