Chapter 37: Negotiations (1)

Chapter 37: Negotiations (1)

Any normal Yang Opening Realm cultivator would have been cleaved into two by this overbearing, ruthless blade strike.

Luckily, Ba Lieyuan and Zhao Jingwen weren’t normal Yang Opening Realm cultivators.

They were both trusted subordinates of their respective clans. Naturally, their clans’ bloodlines had been implanted into them. Of those with mixed bloodlines, they were the closest to being pure-blooded.

As Su Chen’s blade surged domineeringly towards the two of them, a bloody glow began to emanate from their bodies.

A blood-colored demonic fox appeared, its bewitching eyes staring at Su Chen as it jabbed out with a finger. This finger jab merged into Zhao Jingwen’s spear attack — this was Zhao Jingwen’s Heavenly Fox Spear that he had developed. Every bloodline had its own core Bloodline Skills and some derivative Origin Skills. The latter might not...

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