Chapter 36: Laying All the Cards on the Table

Chapter 36: Laying All the Cards on the Table

When he stood up, Su Chen found himself surrounded by four people.

Zhu Baiyu, Zhu Xianyao, Zhao Jingwen, and Ba Lieyuan.

“What are you guys doing?” Su Chen asked.

“You’re not You Tianyang. Who exactly are you?” Zhao Jingwen said in a low voice.

Su Chen squinted his eyes and said, “Zhao Jingwen, what nonsense are you spouting?”

Ba Lieyuan said menacingly, “I am sure that the Long Clan does not have any techniques that can control a Darkness Demon. I have also never seen Young Master You cultivate any kind of secret consciousness technique before.”

Su Chen said disdainfully, “Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean I don’t, idiot.”

Ba Lieyuan replied, “Young Master You wouldn’t talk to me like that either.”

Su Chen coldly laughed. “Your tone almost made me think that you’re the master.”

At this point, Su Chen knew...

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