Chapter 31: Shocking Consciousness Power

Chapter 31: Shocking Consciousness Power

No one knew what they would actually find in the secret stores.

It might be good, it might be bad, or it might be neither.

But regardless of how good or bad the discoveries were, Su Chen wanted to be the first to know. This was the only way to maximize his benefits — by getting the first pick, he could take anything good and avoid everything bad. Taking the initiative meant that you would always get to choose first.

Su Chen didn’t want to give up that kind of privilege, so he was going to fight for it even if he was going to incur some suspicion.

Thankfully, Zhu Xianyao didn’t suspect him.

After the assassination attempt, Zhu Xianyao’s trust in Su Chen had greatly increased. No matter what, she would never suspect him anymore.

She felt that Su Chen’s suggestion was only natural.

“I never expected...

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