Chapter 30: Nine-Eyed Jade Python Sash

Chapter 30: Nine-Eyed Jade Python Sash

All according to plan!

As soon as Su Chen heard this, a smile appeared on his face.

Yes, he actually hadn’t placed all his hopes onto Zhu Xianyao and the others being able to kill Kong Cheng. The true heavy hitter was Yue Longsha in the end. In other words, the Zhu Clan had only been used as a front from the very beginning.

Qi Shenyuan would have never dreamed that there would be another group of people hidden in the shadows waiting to claim their lives while he was trying to escort Kong Cheng away safely.

It would have been strange if they could escape, having been ambushed after a long battle.

Yue Longsha and her subordinates had easily taken care of the two of them and found what they were looking for.

“As long as everything went smoothly,” Su Chen replied to Yue Longsha.

“Thanks for taking care of it.”

“No worries. We’re friends, after all.”


On the other end of...

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