Chapter 29: All According to Plan

Chapter 29: All According to Plan

When he reawoke, three days had passed.

Su Chen lifted up his head and looked at his wound. It had closed up significantly.

Su Chen carefully used the wall to prop himself up.

“Don’t move!”

Zhu Xianyao’s voice called out from behind him.

She hurried over to him. “Your wounds are quite serious. Lie back down.”

She pushed him back down as she spoke.

Su Chen said helplessly, “My wounds have almost healed.”

This was the truth. He had passed out because of the medicine, not because of the wounds. Even though Night Demon had stabbed him quite deeply, she had steered clear of his vitals, so Su Chen’s body quickly recovered. Su Chen actually needed to use medicine to slow down the healing process and to knock himself out.

“You don’t need to comfort me. Old Ye already took a look at you; even though that blade strike...

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