Chapter 27: Banishment

Chapter 27: Banishment

By the time Su Chen arrived back at West Laina Castle, You Tianyang was already being treated by Old Ye.

Old Ye was the old man who had followed Zhu Xianyao here. Even though he seemed ancient, he was quite agood doctor.

But no matter how good his medical skill was, he couldn’t figure out how to neutralize the Soul Suspension Medicine that Su Chen had given You Tianyang. The Soul Suspension Medicine was one of Su Chen’s personal inventions, and its effect was to preserve the consumer’s lifeforce for a time but with the side effect of forcing them into a comatose state, from which one would need at least three days to recover. It wasn’t a recovery mechanism, however — it was just a way to delay for three days. After three days, what was originally going to...

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