Chapter 26: Passing Fish Eyes Off as Pearls

Chapter 26: Passing Fish Eyes Off as Pearls

Zhu Xianyao hurried back with You Tianyang, her expression extremely solemn.

The alley wasn’t far from the castle, but this short distance was going to be fraught with danger.

They had just gotten out of the alleyway when the first attack struck.


A streak of snowy light flashed through the air, piercing towards Zhu Xianyao.

At the same time, a shrill metallic shriek rang through the air; it was an arrow flying right at Zhu Xianyao.

“It’s them!” Zhu Xianyao yelled.

It was the people who had tried to assassinate Zhu Xianyao earlier in the castle.

As expected, they hadn’t left yet.

As expected, they hadn’t given up yet!

As expected, they chose this moment to attack. At this critical moment, they were going straight for the jugular!

The blade descended with an astonishing killing intent towards Zhu Xianyao’s...

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