Chapter 25: Substitution

Chapter 25: Substitution

You Tianyang was extremely happy as he ran away.

This happiness and excitement came from the newfound strength that he now possessed.

Even though he was running for his life, he felt the bliss of being able to release all the power in his body.

At the same time, he was spending a lot of energy to run.

This was for the sake of his freedom, for his right to live on.

He was so caught up in the excitement and bliss of running that he was completely caught unawares when another person appeared in front of him, blocking his path forward.

He was completely caught off-guard by the surge of blade light.

He didn’t even have time to slow down as he rushed forward to impale himself.

Running to greet the glowing blade, to embrace the killing intent washing over him.

In that instant, a single thought flashed across You Tianyang’s brain.

Am I going to d...

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