Chapter 21: Anger

Chapter 21: Anger

It had to be said that Zhu Xianyao's thought process was correct.

After having gotten to know Zhu Xianyao during that period of time, Su Chen hadn't tried to keep any of his secrets from her because he knew that her memories were going to be wiped.

His home, his loves, his dreams, his plans, his temperament, his friends, everything that he was and wasn't good at......

Even though he hadn't told her specifically, Su Chen hadn't ever tried to conceal these things from her, so she really did know quite a bit.

The current Zhu Xianyao, with her temperament and her brains, could really pose quite a threat to him if he let her recover her memories.

It was for this goal that Zhu Xianyao had run all over the place these past ten years, searching for ways to recover her memories. Unfortunately, none of it was very effective.

And once Zhu Xianyao knew...

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