Chapter 19: Assassination

Chapter 19: Assassination


The sharp arrow flew through the air, hurtling towards Zhu Xianyao’s face.

Just as it was about to pierce her face, Su Chen suddenly shoved Zhu Xianyao, knocking her aside.

The arrow, which glowed with an inky-green hue, flew past her face, only slicing off a few hairs as it flew by.

Zhu Xianyao quickly rolled backwards into a crouched position. She had yet to get back on her feet, however, when a number of figures appeared in rapid succession at the feet of the castle and began to shoot up the side of the castle.

This kind of castle wall was basically useless against Origin Qi Scholars. Scaling the wall was an easy feat — with just a few leaps, the group of people quickly reached the top of the wall.

The person at the very front slashed at Zhu Xianyao with his blade. The blade surged with majestic momentum, carrying with it a strong killing intent.

At this moment,...

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