Chapter 17: Searching the Castle (2)

Chapter 17: Searching the Castle (2)

The effectiveness of this Restrictive Origin Formation that focused on finding hidden mechanisms was shocking, except the results were anything but.

Su Chen had searched every corner of the castle. Apart from some foolish Sand Race individuals who had hidden a few Origin Stones behind a brick, he discovered nothing.

However, Su Chen didn’t grow frustrated. He continued to construct all kinds of Restrictive Origin Formations to probe the castle.

There was an Origin Formation that generated Origin Energy ripples and could sense any Origin Energy responses; another Origin Formation could exert gravitational forces to probe into the depths of the ground; yet another Origin Formation could scan and analyze the castle’s construction materials.

Regardless, all of these Restrictive Origin Formations were totally ineffective.

Su Chen couldn’t find a single point of suspicion.

The Origin Formations...

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