Chapter 16: Searching the Castle (1)

Chapter 16: Searching the Castle (1)

Every clan had their own trump cards and secret techniques.

Some were possessed since birth, while others were developed through training afterwards.

Because the Large-Bellied Pig Dragon Clan had a unique bloodline where most of their members’ bloodlines remained dormant, they were very weak during their early stages.

The You Clan understood their own circumstances. To compensate, they chose to develop another skill.

The skill the You Clan had selected was Restrictive Origin Formations.

Every Long Clan disciple was a Restrictive Origin Formation expert. They didn’t need to cultivate before their bloodlines awakened, but they were forced to study Restrictive Origin Formations. Before their bloodlines awakened, this was the foundation of their existence.

If Zhu Xianyao wanted to uncover the secret stores, she would definitely need to...

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