Chapter 15: Plan (2)

Chapter 15: Plan (2)

There was a room on the eastern side of West Laina Castle. It was quite spacious, and the interior was relatively organized and tidy.

That was Su Chen’s room.

He was there now, standing at the window and gazing outside as if he were deep in thought. But in reality, he was listening to Shi Mingfeng’s words.

“Okay, that is all the material we have on You Tianyang and the Zhu Clan. Unfortunately, You Tianyang doesn’t know what their true motives are in coming here either. Zhu Xianyao really was quite cautious. Su Chen, what are you planning on doing next?”

Su Chen replied, “First, we’ll need to limit our contact. The chances of us being discovered are too high with Light Shaking Realm cultivators around. From now on, we’ll contact each other once a day...

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