Chapter 14: Plan (1)

Chapter 14: Plan (1)

Zhu Xianyao stood at the window and gazed off into the distance. For some reason, she felt like her whole body was drained of energy.

Su Chen stood right behind her, not daring to speak.

At this moment, they were in Zhu Xianyao’s chambers. More specifically, they were in the chambers that Pall had prepared for Zhu Xianyao.

Su Chen didn’t know why Zhu Xianyao had suddenly called him over. He could only stand in the corner, mute and apprehensive. Right now, his cowardice was his greatest source of protection.

A moment later, Zhu Xianyao slowly said, “When Xianling and I were young, we were good friends. Back then, we would often go together to catch fish in the river and climb trees searching for bird nests like wild little boys. Xianling’s temperament was very gentle back then. Whenever she got into an argument...

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