Chapter 13: Interrogation (2)

Chapter 13: Interrogation (2)

Under He Xu’s feet was a glowing violet bead.

When Su Chen saw that he had dropped it, he hurriedly ran over to pick it up, then turned around and bowed to Zhu Xianyao as he said, “My apologies, I dropped something.”

Zhu Xianyao rolled her eyes. “What are you doing carrying around women’s jewelry? Sit back down!”

Zhu Baiyu laughed, “He probably bought it for you, but with your fierce attitude he didn’t dare give it to you.”

Zhu Xianyao harrumphed. “I hate that useless attitude of his the most.”

Zhu Baiyu sighed. “He wasn’t like this originally, but every time he sees you he’s like a mouse in front of a cat. It means that he really does like you, which is why he’s always nervous around you and can’t act like himself.”

Zhu Xianyao turned her head away in scorn. “I wish he would defeat and subdue me like a real man rather than...

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